#Qatar World Cup: #Federer, #Nadal Send Wishes To World Champion #Messi; Here’s What They Said

Roger Federer sent a fitting message to Lionel Messi as his fellow sporting icon ‘redefined greatness’ in leading Argentina to the most remarkable World Cup win. Messi scored twice and netted in the penalty shootout against France in perhaps the… Read More ›

#CNN: #RafaelNadal – This world-class athlete talks like #Aristotle and acts like Confucius. We can all learn from him

(CNN) – Sports, it’s been said, reveals character. It also reveals something else: philosophy. There’s no better example of this than Rafael Nadal, the 35-year-old professional tennis player who’s competing this week at the French Open. Nadal is not just a gladiator… Read More ›