Why #NovakDjokovic May Beat #RogerFederer To Become First $100 Million Man In #Tennis

Although the two men are tied 22-22 in career meetings, #NovakDjokovic handed #RogerFederer five defeats in eight matches in 2015, including in the finals of #Wimbledon and the #US Open. With Djokovic on almost twice the number of points as second-ranked #AndyMurray in the #ATP World Tour rankings after a stellar year, the race to $100 million could prove to be one of the more compelling story lines on the men’s side this season.

#Federer’s on-court earnings of $97.3 million seemingly put him in pole position to reach the historic mark, compared with #Djokovic’s $94.1 million. However, the top-ranked #Serb may get there first based on his outstanding performances in the past few years and a reduced schedule for the men’s #GrandSlam record holder from #Switzerland.

Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/daniellerossingh/2016/01/01/why-novak-djokovic-may-beat-roger-federer-to-become-first-100-million-man-in-tennis/

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