What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From #Tennis And This Year’s #USOpen

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“The math is not hard to figure out,”.  #Nishikori’s more successful run was from the net than the baseline. “The guts to execute”.

The lesson for every entrepreneur? Nishikori clearly had been carefully and thoughtfully developing this strategy over the course of the tournament. In several earlier rounds, he tested it out  – first once – it worked – against one opponent, then eight times against another – successfully seven of them.

By the time he faced #Murray, and going down hard after a miserable first set, he knew he had to pivot his business, if you will. By then, he was well enough practiced with it to pull it out of his hat. He’d thought it through, tested it, had enough confidence in it to draw on it as a strategy – and a product. He believed in it, and in his ability to make it work.

Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidschrieberg1/2016/09/13/what-entrepreneurs-can-learn-from-tennis-and-this-years-u-s-open/2/#7a38cb936863

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