#Canada’s #Tennis surge creates cheers – but also challenges

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#Tennis game participation numbers are growing at a rate of 8 per cent a year, with the majority of summer and winter clubs at or near capacity. The problem now is providing enough indoor facilities across the country to fulfill that need.

#TennisCanada’s efforts to get more people hooked on the game have stretched all the way down to the grassroots. Those efforts included putting a long-term athlete development model in place, introducing right-size equipment to suit children as young as 3 and 4, decompressed balls and three court sizes to help children enjoy the sport on their terms.

The common thread among #Raonic, #Bouchard, #Shapovalov and #Andreescu is talent, commitment, passion and sacrifice, getting support at the right time is also important to the development of a world-class athlete.


Read more at: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/canadas-tennis-surge-creates-cheers-but-also-challenges/article32488958/

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