#AndyMurray is among the five greatest #Tennis players of all time

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#RogerFederer, #NovakDjokovic, #RafaelNadal, #PeteSampras and #Murray would be a top five that would prompt debate, but an entirely reasonable proposition.

It is a belief that would only be strengthened if Murray uproots 12-time Grand Slam winner #Djokvoic, who many already view as the greatest, at the summit of #Tennis.

Murray might never win a popularity contest. There is no trophy for that. Neither is there a trophy for becoming his game’s number one.

Yet for Murray the significance of such a moment should not be undersold.

Read more at: http://www.eurosport.com/tennis/paris-masters/2016/andy-murray-is-among-the-five-greatest-tennis-players-of-all-time_sto5938009/story.shtml

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