#Tennis: #AndyMurray collects world No.1 trophy at #ATP World Tour Finals gala

Image result for Andy Murray collects world No.1 trophy at ATP World Tour Finals gala

“The ranking never lies,” fellow competitor #StanWawrinka told Sky Sport News. “He’s been winning a lot this year, more than any other player, so he deserves to be No 1.

“He did really well with the pressure, he won #Wimbledon this year and he won the #Olympics in #London, so he knows how to deal with it.

“I think every player tires at the end of the year but if you look at the last few tournaments – winning #Paris, winning #Vienna, #Shanghai, #Beijing – he’s ready, he’s in top form, a lot of confidence to take to this tournament here so he will be tough to beat.”

Read more at: http://www.eurosport.com/tennis/andy-murray-collects-world-no.1-trophy_sto5945564/story.shtml

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