#Tennis: #MilosRaonic in danger of always being good and never great

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What #Raonic faces in 2017 might be called the #MikeWeir Test.

#Weir did for #Canadian #Golf what Raonic is doing for Canadian men’s #Tennis – make a global sport relevant as a homer concern.

Weir’s career had a salutary knock-on effect, cutting a trail for those who followed. No Canadian men’s golfer has yet matched his feats, but they’re in the discussion. By this time next year, 19-year-old #BrookeHenderson may have overtaken him. That’s holistic success.

Raonic has already managed the same trick, with teenage players such as #DenisShapovalov and #FelixAuger-#Aliassime coming up fast from behind. But when they eventually manage to leapfrog the top man, Raonic will not get the same consideration.

Because Weir did what Raonic has not: win the big one.

Win big in 2017 Raonic. #AussieOpen,

#Tennis: What surprises does the 2017 #AustralianOpen have in store? – #MilosRaonic will win the tournament.

Read more at: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/tennis/kelly-milos-raonic-in-danger-of-always-being-good-and-never-great/article33357535/

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