#AussieOpen: #RogerFederer’s Theory of Everything that explains early exits

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The Plexicushion surface used at the #AussieOpen this year has dramatically increased its speed, #Federer said, taking it back to the pace games used to be played at more than a decade ago.

That was helpful both to serve-volleyers and tournament veterans who had experience on older, faster courts, Federer said – players like #Venus, #Nadal and himself.

#Zverev played a serve-volley game, a type rarely seen in the past 10 years as surfaces have slowed and racquet technology has improved – allowing players to stand on the baseline and slug away.

Read more at: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/tennis/australian-open-federers-theory-of-everything-that-explains-the-australian-open-20170124-gty2xx.html

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