#RogerFederer: Reasons Why He Matters More To #Tennis Than Ever

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#Tennis, perhaps the most gladitorial sport outside of combat sports, thrives on rivalries. And there is no bigger rivalry than that between #Federer and his long-time nemesis #Rafael #Nadal, two of the most popular players tennis has ever seen.

Although the pair have now played each other 36 times, including in 22 finals, their encounters still manage to set the world on fire. Their clash in the #AussieOpen finals drew record television audiences for the sport both in #Australia and #Europe and lit up social media.

Their rivalry helped boost the bottom line of the men’s #ATP World Tour, which has seen television ratings grow 100% since Nadal reduced Federer to tears in their epic five-set clash in the 2008 #Wimbledon finals.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/daniellerossingh/2017/03/18/roger-federer-3-reasons-why-he-matters-more-to-tennis-than-ever/#2a1914751e72

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