#RogerFederer shows yet again men’s #Tennis will always remain pre-and post- #Federer

Roger Federer, 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In the hall of men’s #Tennis greats, #Federer will perhaps always remain primus inter pares. Behind his reign of men’s tennis are all the times he has rallied back from the brink—there was a time he had failed to clinch a major title for nearly five years in a row; he has won three in the last 12 months. Every time he falters, there is some talk of how he should call it a day. And every time this has happened, he clinches a match point—though this undoubtedly doesn’t seem as effortless as it did in the past—and well-meaning suggestions of retirement die a natural death.

Federer hinted that he may not hang his boots just yet, saying he would “love to come back (for #AussieOpen 2019). Playing as he does, and for as long as he has, he has eclipsed his contemporaries who now seem to just trying to catch up. Yet, in his greatness, he has remained a humble man who will always play an exceptional game of tennis on good days and bad.

Read more at: http://www.financialexpress.com/opinion/roger-federer-shows-yet-again-mens-tennis-will-always-remain-pre-and-post-federer/1035553/

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