#Roger #Federer: the more we love him, the nicer he becomes


#Roger #Federer has become one of the most beloved people on the planet. He’s not an intellectual but he is the #Tennis player adored by artists and intellectuals. He’s not especially good-looking – that nose of his would probably not look much worse if he’d been in the ring with Tyson – but the beauty of his game both envelops him in gorgeousness and tempts us into assuming that he must have a great appreciation of beauty in everything. This is not the case. He’s just a tennis player, after all.

What certainly seems true is that the more we love him, the nicer he becomes. It’s like the concept of darshan in Hinduism, whereby we are blessed by being able to see the gods who, as a result of our seeing them, become more god-like.

Read more at: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jun/23/roger-federer-more-we-love-him-nicer-he-becomes-geoff-dyer

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