Hell yeah, #Serena #Williams is entitled to her wrath


Though she might never return to the #USOpen.

Which would be a shame because #FlushingMeadows, where she has won six championships, has been pretty much home court for the greatest female #Tennis player ever, arguably the greatest female athlete in the world.

She is adored there. That #NewYork City audience has her back, in a populist way, which explains the cascade of boos — 15 solid seconds of full-throated jeering and catcalling — during the trophy ceremony

United States Tennis Association president Katrina Adams, who issued a statement praising Williams as a “true champion” and an “inspiration.” Adams said this week that a double standard exists in how female tennis players are treated by chair umpires, compared to men. “We shouldn’t have to carry that extra weight on our back in anything that we do.”

Read more at: https://www.thestar.com/sports/tennis/2018/09/12/serena-williams-has-earned-her-anger.html


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