The Brutal Truth About Success According to #Tennis Star #Andre #Agassi.


Get The Experts In

As a boy and teenager, Agassi trained for hours with his father. Later, he relied on fitness trainer Gil Reyes to become a better athlete.

He met Reyes at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and described his training.

“Many nights we’re in the gym until four in the morning, Gil searching for new ways to build up my mind, my confidence, along with my body.”

Reyes encouraged Agassi to improve his nutrition and training regime. He also helped the aspiring champion set goals and improve his mental strategies on the court.

Failure Is OK… Once You Learn From It

Losing to #Pete has caused me enormous pain, but in the long run it’s also made me more resilient. If I’d beaten Pete more often, or if he’d come along in a different generation, I’d have a better record, and I might go down as a better player, but I’d be less

Accept What You Can And Can’t Control

An entrepreneur can control how many leads they contact or products they launch this year. However, he or she can’t control what their competitors are doing or changes #Google might make to its search algorithm that affects website traffic.

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