#Forbes: Why Entrepreneurs Should Adopt The Mindset Of A Champion Athlete


If entrepreneurs want to build a successful company, they need a champion athlete mindset.

Train for success.

Athletes don’t become successful through luck alone. They put in countless hours learning their sport and honing their skills. They train to win, and entrepreneurs should too.

Some of the greatest athletes of all time, from Muhammad Ali to Serena Williams, have experienced setbacks and injuries, yet they went on to have record-breaking comebacks. They were able to do so, because they viewed their failures as opportunities to develop weak spots and returned stronger than before.

 Find your coaches.

As a first-time founder, making mistakes is inevitable. “When you’re starting a company, it’s like the Wild West and you’re going in blind.”

Founders can avoid missteps and bad decisions by surrounding themselves with a network of people who have charted the same waters and sailed through them. They’ve learned from their  own mistakes, so they are uniquely positioned to help first-time founders avoid making the same ones.

Don’t get distracted by opponents.

Much like a rowing team, if a startup focuses too much on the competition, it will lose sight of its own goals and sink.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paulinaguditch/2018/10/05/why-entrepreneurs-should-adopt-the-mindset-of-a-champion-athlete/#54b4b92d28fb

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