#Forbes: #Tennis Tech – Behind The Scenes At The World’s Biggest #Tennis Tournament – #Wimbledon


First kicking off back in 1877, the tournament is one of the longest standing of its kind and is widely regarded as the most prestigious tennis competitions in the world, probably because it’s been entertaining sports fans for over a century.

But how does something steeped in so much history manage to recapture our excitement in just the same way, year after year?

The answer might be found in the tournament’s ability to move with the times. For something to flourish for so long, it has to stay relevant. And this is exactly what Wimbledon has done. As technology has advanced, the South London championships have too, and thus they continue to be one of the most watched (and loved) events globally – all made possible thanks to the innovations on the backend.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/leebelltech/2018/10/31/tennis-tech-behind-the-scenes-at-the-worlds-biggest-tennis-tournament/#7e2ed7dd7353

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