#Forbes: Which Happens First? #Tiger Catches #Nicklaus, Or #Nadal Or #Djokovic Catches #Federer?


After winning the 2006 US Open, Roger Federer went into the locker room at Arthur Ashe Stadium and had a glass of champagne with his friend Tiger Woods.

Now, nearly 13 years after that historic first meeting, both men are significantly older and in different places on the list of all-time major titles winners in their respective sports.

After winning the Masters at age 43 on Sunday, Woods now has 15 major titles, three shy of Nicklaus’ 18.

The 37-year-old Federer, meantime, sits atop the all-time list of men’s major winners in tennis with 20.

While no other active golfer is anywhere near Woods — Phil Mickelson is second with 5 — Federer has two fellow all-time greats hot on his trail.

Rafael Nadal, 32, sits second all-time with 17, while Novak Djokovic, 31 ranks third with 15.

So these numbers beg a few questions.

What’s more likely to happen first? Does Woods catch Nicklaus at 18? Or do Nadal or Djokovic catch Federer at 20, assuming Federer stays put at 20, which is no guarantee? Or is it most likely that none of these things happen?

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamzagoria/2019/04/15/which-happens-first-tiger-catches-nicklaus-or-nadal-or-djokovic-catches-federer/#4b8f47006e0d


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