#Roger #Federer vs #Rafael #Nadal: The five ages of #Tennis’s greatest rivalry

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2004-2006: The master and the young pretender

By the time Federer and Nadal first met it was March 2004 and Federer, aged 22, was already a multiple grand slam champion. Nadal by contrast was just 17 and taking his first tentative steps in the sport. Still, the young Spaniard won the match 6-3, 6-3 in Miami and people were beginning to take notice of the wild-haired youngster with the long shorts and singlet.

Federer wins: 3
Nadal wins: 6

Federer grand slams: 8 (he also won one in 2003)
Nadal grand slams: 2

2007-2009: The blazer and the pirate

These were truly halcyon days for the sport when Federer and Nadal’s rivalry reached its apogee and took the tennis world’s breath away.

Federer wins: 4
Nadal wins: 7

Federer grand slams: 6
Nadal grand slams: 4

2010- 2014: The transitional years

After that horrendous run of injuries, Nadal re-established himself at the top of the sport in 2010 by winning three majors, though strangely none of them included matches against Federer.

Federer wins: 3
Nadal wins: 10

Federer grand slams: 2
Nadal grand slams: 8

2015-2016: The elder statesmen

By the start of 2015 Federer was 33 and Nadal 28, and both men were veterans of the tour whose best days were widely thought to be behind them.

Federer wins: 1
Nadal wins: 0

Federer grand slams:0
Nadal grand slams:

2017-?: Roger’s revenge

Amazingly, despite both players coming into the 2017 Australian Open final on the back of injury-ravaged years, Federer and Nadal rediscovered their best form and both stormed to the final.

It was the dream contest for the tournament and most supporters, and the match did not disappoint. In an undulating match lasting more than three and a half hours, Federer eventually prevailed 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.

Federer wins: 4
Nadal wins: 0

Federer grand slams: 3
Nadal grand slams:

Read more at: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tennis/2019/06/05/roger-federer-vs-rafael-nadal-five-ages-tennis-greatest-rivalry/


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