#Forbes: Visiting This Year’s #USOpen Means More Than #Tennis

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The world’s greatest tennis players will be competing for record paydays when they visit New York City for the US Open beginning August 26. Both the men’s and women’s singles champions will receive a check for $3,850,000, while the men’s and women’s champion doubles teams will each receive $740,000. Both totals represent not just the richest in US Open history, but also in the history of Grand Slam tournaments.

Held each year at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, the US Open is an event unlike any other. The players represent over 40 countries and almost 700,000 fans from all over the world come to experience the electric atmosphere. However, the majority of fans don’t come solely for the tennis. Most opt to take a few extra days to experience the sights and sounds of Manhattan. After all, the “city that never sleeps” boasts a never-ending menu of iconic attractions along with legendary cuisine that only the Big Apple offers.

All in all, the US Open Tournament is a “must see” event for both ardent and casual fans of the sport who not only come to see some of the world’s best athletes compete against each other, but who also desire to get a little taste of the Big Apple in the process.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogersands/2019/08/01/visiting-this-years-us-open-means-more-than-tennis/#1a5138ae5391

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  1. What is special too about the USO are the groundpasses. Not everyone can manage to get tickets, or afford one to see their favorite player/s. But a groundpass gives a taste of the experience, and there are big screens showing tennis action. That’s the way to go!


  2. Trying to post again. What is special about the USO, is that those who can’t get tickets to see their favorites, or who can’t afford them, can buy ground passes which gives them a taste of the experience, and also see tennis, as there are big screens outside the major courts. That is the right spirit!


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