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  1. Hello

    Swissmint announced the issue of a Roger Federer commemorative coin on 2 December 2019 and started the pre-sale. Since 5 December 2019, the pre-salequantity of 33,000 pieces of the Roger Federer silver coin is sold out.

    The interest in the coin is very high worldwide. The Swissmint online shop has been visited by 12.9 million people since the beginning of the week. Due to this great demand, the web shop was at times heavily overloaded.

    On the day of issue, 23 January 2020, a remaining quantity of 22,000 pieces and coins of higher quality (“proof” and “folder”) will be sold. A further40,000 Roger Federer silver coins will be issued in May 2020.

    Further, we would like to inform your, that

    – orders by email and telephone are not possible,

    – your order has been registered if you received a confirmation email containing an order number,

    – multiple orders are binding purchases

    – customers who have concluded a subscription before 3 December 2019 will be treated as usual

    Swissmint is overwhelmed by the demand for the coin and would like to thank you for your interest.

    Best regards


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