#Tennis: #RogerFederer on course to join billionaire athlete club

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Roger Federer has made a career of piling up records on court, but he’s also approaching some big numbers off the court.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion appears likely to break the $100 million mark in annual earnings for the first time, and is on course to earn a billion dollars through sponsorship and prize money. That’s based on widely-cited—if unofficial—figures published by Forbes, which has regularly identified Federer as one of sport’s top-earning names with the highest sponsorship income among professional athletes.

It also puts him in rarefied sporting company. Tiger Woods reached the billion-dollar threshold in 2009, with earnings at a high of $127.9 million in 2008. Woods was joined in 2015 by Michael Jordan, who has earned most of it since his playing days, and in 2017 by Floyd Mayweather, who has done it during his career.

These types of earnings estimates are sometimes questioned by the athletes involved, and the actual amounts athletes have can vary wildly depending on spending and investment. But they provide a comparison point in an area where there is little in the way of official statistics.

Read more at: https://www.tennis.com/pro-game/2020/01/roger-federer-on-course-join-billionaire-athlete-club-forbes-earnings/86543/

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