#Tennis #Canada and #NationalBank stepping up for lower-ranked players


Tennis Canada’s planned Monday announcement about a financial aid program for the country’s lower-ranked players.

The national federation is already dealing with a $25 million shortfall with the cancellation of the Coupe Rogers and the expected cancellation of the Rogers Cup.

But sponsor National Bank is stepping up with a bursary program to help the players affected by the full-stop of tennis because of the coronavirus.

Pros ranked between No. 100 and No. 750 in singles, between No. 25 and No. 100 in doubles, in the top 100 of the ITF junior rankings, and in the top 50 in the wheelchair rankings will be eligible for grants between $10,000 – $20,000, La Presse reported.

Read more at: https://opencourt.ca/wordpress/2020/05/10/tennis-canada-and-national-bank-stepping-up-for-lower-ranked-players/

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