‘It’s a long road.’ There’s no quit in #EugenieBouchard — the #Tennis player and the brand

Feels like a lifetime ago that Bouchard was all a-sparkle on the women’s tennis circuit, dazzling on the court and glittery off it. First Canadian player of either gender to hit the top-five ranking circle. Wimbledon finalist. Australian Open semifinalist.

Beauteous, with her mane of blond hair and a model-perfect face featured on the cover of countless glossy magazines, sexy-sultry in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. The paparazzi loved her, the fans adored her. She even had her own Genie’s Army of devotees who travelled to her matches.

The “It Girl” of tennis.

She’s still hugely marketable, clearly, with her 2.1 million Instagram followers.

She references Rafael Nadal.

“If Rafa is still trying to improve then I certainly have a long way to keep going. I don’t think you ever really get there, but I feel like the work I’ve put in over the last year or so is finally coming to fruition a little bit.”

Read more at: https://www.thestar.com/sports/tennis/opinion/2021/03/14/its-a-long-road-theres-no-quit-in-eugenie-bouchard-the-tennis-player-and-the-brand.html

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