#Tennis: Winning #AustralianOpen is my No 1 goal – #AndyMurray

In the open era, no #Tennis player, male or female, has featured in more finals of a #GrandSlam tournament without winning than #AndyMurray has managed in #Australia.

“My No 1 goal is to win here, just because of the number of times I have been close,” he says of the tournament that starts next week. “I have made four finals, one other semi-final, but I haven’t managed to get over the final hurdle. I hope, if I keep giving myself the opportunities, that I’ll be able to. It would mean a lot.”

Read more at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/tennis/andymurray/12093936/Andy-Murray-Winning-Australian-Open-is-my-No-1-goal.html

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