Five facts that prove #Tennis is the most interesting sport at the #Olympics

1904 Olympics, St. Louis – Charlotte Cooper, Tennis, Gold Medalist


  1. Miroslav Mecir, a surprise winner of the gold medal in #Seoul in 1988, had a gift for winding up top players with his unerringly consistent style and deadpan sense of humour.
  2. The #Tennis event at the 1896 Games in #Athens was marred by a lack of entries.
  3. A different form of tennis, jeu de paume, made its only appearance in the #Olympics in 1908.
  4. As Olympic tennis prepares to head to #Brazil, it is worth noting that Vanessa Menga holds the proud record of being the only Brazilian female tennis player to represent her country in two different Games.
  5. Goran Ivanisevic provided a timely antidote to all those who questioned tennis’ status as an Olympic sport in 1992.

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