#Tennis: Skipping #FrenchOpen Is a Strategy That Fits #RogerFederer

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“#RogerFederer has 18 Grand Slams, and it’s not like he’s never won the #French,’’ #Isner said. “He’s got it. I’m trying to put myself in his head, in his shoes, and I think it’s smart. He’s not chasing the No. 1 ranking, either. He’s focusing on three or four big goals this year, and Wimbledon is one of those.”

Skipping the #FrenchOpen to improve one’s chances at #Wimbledon was more common in the past, especially among #Americans. #JohnMcEnroe played Wimbledon after skipping the French Open five times; #JimmyConnors did it six times. #MartinaNavratilova played at Wimbledon after missing the French Open 10 times, doing so in two five-year blocks, 1976-80 and 1989-93.

Read more at: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/sports/tennis/roger-federer-clay-french-open.html


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