#Tennis records that may never be broken

Image result for roger federer & Steffi Graf

  1. Rafael Nadal’s “La Decima”
  2. Pete Sampras’ seven Wimbledon titles in eight years
  3. Rod Laver’s two Calendar Year Grand Slams
  4. Serena’s Most Slams in Open Era
  5. Roger Federer’s 18 finals in 19 Major appearances
  6. Steffi Graf’s reign
  7. Ivan Lendl’s eight consecutive U.S. Open finals
  8. Most aces in a season
  9. Bjorn Borg’s European dominance
  10. Steffi Graf’s Golden Slam
  11. Nadal’s Longest winning streak on a single surface
  12. Most singles titles in Open Era
  13. Longest streak and most titles
  14. Longest tennis match
  15. Fastest serve recorded

Read more at: http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/sports/tennis-records-that-may-never-be-broken/ss-BBDzH0J?li=AAggNb9#image=15

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