#Tennis: #Federer leads #Nadal in 2017

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Australian Open, final, men's singles

#Federer and #Nadal are more than rivals. They’re collegial champions and friends, ambassadors and advertisements for the game. The over-30 idols staged a joint comeback this year, battling tooth, nail and press clips to sweep all four #GrandSlams, and end the year atop the #ATP rankings (Nadal at No. 1, Federer right behind). They provided the #Tennis lexicon with a new word, “#Fedal.”

But the Year of Fedal did leave one intriguing question hanging for fans. Put simply, “Who had the better year?” If the ATP had an #MVP for 2017, would the honor go to muscular Nadal or meteoric Federer?

  1. Overall record: Advantage, Federer
  2. Quality titles: Advantage, Federer
  3. Consistency: Advantage, Nadal
  4. Head-to-head against the elite: Advantage, Federer
  5. Impact on the game: Advantage, Federer

The 2017 MVP belongs to …

By a nose, Federer is our choice as MVP for this extraordinary year in tennis.

Read more at: http://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/21803081/tennis-roger-federer-rafael-nadal-was-men-mvp-2017-season



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