#StefanEdberg: It is #RogerFederer’s family why he can’t be copied in #Tennis.

#Edberg thinks #Federer’s family has helped him become stronger and may even explain the theory as to how he is still able to play so well. “May be his four children keep him so young. But what’s possible for him doesn’t count for others,” he said.

“Is he a better player than what he was a decade ago? It’s tough to say. You normally play your best #Tennis from 22 to 28.

“He may have dominated the Tour the most at that age, but look at last year. In some ways, he is a better player than 10 years ago, although he is not that fast.”

Read more at: https://www.telegraphindia.com/sports/roger-can-t-be-copied-edberg-206508

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