Forget the jinx. #Canadians are going to win, win, win in 2019


This country’s individual pro athletes are also poised on the edge of something. We’ve been good enough at tennis and golf for so long that we’ve got used to seeing the maple leaf on a leaderboard. Won a Canadian Open? Okay, sure, great. Made the semis of a Grand Slam? That’s fun.

The breakthrough from competence to trophies will happen some time, so why not this year? Brooke Henderson, still only 21, looks a solid bet to become this nation’s international sports banner carrier. She already has one major. How about two or three?

Maybe Milos Raonic can finally get healthy enough to put together a full year’s worth of results. It would make a great injury-rags to sports-riches story.

A great deal of this depends on anticipation and timing. You don’t want to come out of absolutely nowhere, giving the rest of us no chance to catch up with current events. The country falls in behind an athlete who wins as expected at something that a lot of people are free to watch in real time – so, on a summer weekend.

How about Denis Shapovalov at Wimbledon or Henderson at the U.S. Women’s Open? That’d get the anthem rolling from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

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