#Navratilova and #Evert big believers in #Mississauga’s #Bianca #Andreescu.


A big win can leave an impression on the tennis world, the way Shapovalov’s win over Rafael Nadal at the Rogers Cup managed a few summers back. At the time, John McEnroe predicted there would be a major in Shapovalov’s future.

McEnroe didn’t comment on Andreescu’s win, but both Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova did.

“Every time we thought, ‘This is it, she doesn’t have the game or she doesn’t have the belief or the legs,’ she just kept proving us wrong,” said Navratilova on British television.

“It was a coming-of-age tournament. Bianca really came out of nowhere and she deserved to win. She played amazing tennis. This one is here to stay. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop into an even better tennis player.”

Said Evert: “What really impressed me here was when she called her coach to come down.

“She said, ‘I’m exhausted,’ but then said, ‘I really want to win this badly.’ I’ve never heard a women’s player say that to a coach before.”

Andreescu was ready to quit, physically beaten up, feet in pain, and somehow she wouldn’t allow herself to succumb.

“I won’t forget that,” Evert said.

Read more at: https://vancouversun.com/sports/tennis/simmons-navratilova-and-evert-big-believers-in-mississaugas-bianca-andreescu/wcm/fa80da34-6a7f-4cfd-b4e4-292040e5d15b


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