#TheWashingtonPost – #Tennis: #Why #RogerFederer is the most graceful athlete of our time.

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Roger Federer arrives at the French Open tennis tournament this weekend not just as the king of the courts and an icon of class, but also a poetic inspiration with a racket.

It’s not only the ancients who looked at athletes and saw classical ideals and paragons of beauty. To many hardcore sports fans and tennis lovers, as well as to the passionately idiosyncratic Fedfans, the 37-year-old Swiss belongs equally to the realm of aesthetics as to sports.

Of course, there may be skeptics on this point. To think there’s such a thing as a poetic tennis player! And yet, why not? Let’s agree that Federer is unique in stature, and if his place in tennis history is far from settled, there are plenty who consider this holder of 20 Grand Slam titles to be the all-time greatest of the sport. But his record and ranking are somewhat beside the point here. We are interested in the living, continuous, moment-to-moment pleasure of watching him play, and the artistic value of this.

Read more at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/why-roger-federer-is-the-most-graceful-athlete-of-our-time/2019/05/23/1f3a6c30-7bf8-11e9-a66c-d36e482aa873_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fd481e9ec5a8

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