#BBC Sports: Next #GrandSlam champion? Best match of 2019? #BorisBecker & #TimHenman predict and review

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What was the best match of 2019?

Becker: “Without a shadow of a doubt the Wimbledon final between Federer and Djokovic. Two players in the prime of their sport, giving it their all and going to a tie-break in the fifth set. It was the first time we have seen that in a Wimbledon final.”

Henman: “It has to be the Wimbledon final. It was the first time there has been a tie-break in the final set of a singles match and Djokovic saved two match points. That has to be the most exciting match of the year.”

What can we expect from the younger generation next year?

Becker: “The ‘big three’ will definitely be challenged more next year. As I have said, I think we will have a new Grand Slam champion next year and there are a number of other guys that are just around the corner too. More and more of these players have a firmer belief that they can beat the top three.”

Henman: “I think the young players will produce bigger and better performances in all tournaments but I still think the ‘big three’ will be the ones to beat.”

Who will be the new breakthrough player of the year?

Becker: “I see either Denis Shapovalov or Felix Auger-Aliassime – the two Canadians. Those two have impressed me the most from the younger generation in the past six months.”

Henman: “Britain’s Jack Draper!”

Read more at: https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/50452905

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