#Tennis: Differences Between #Federer & #Sampras’ Grass Games

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Paul Annacone has coached the two men who have won more Wimbledon titles than anyone else: Roger Federer (8) and Pete Sampras (7). According to the former World No. 12, there are differences between what makes them great on grass.

“Pete’s is obviously his serve. To me, he’s probably the best clutch server or serve-game holder that I’ve ever seen,” Annacone told ATPTour.com. “I think that Roger is a little bit different because his serve is unbelievable, but the rest of his grass-court game in terms of his ability to take the ball early and just rush you so well, that is very different from most people. I think that’s probably the difference. Roger rushes you from the back of the court by good court position and first-strike tennis. Pete overwhelms you with his serve.”

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