#Tennis legend #Federer and #Schneider named #Switzerland’s greatest athletes

Roger Federer and Vreni Schneider have been chosen as Switzerland’s best sportsman and sportswoman of the past 70 years.

Read more at: https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/federer-and-schneider-named-switzerland-s-greatest-athletes/46222790

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  1. Roger Federer is truly an amazing athlete who comes around after the passing of a few generations. We are truly proud of the exploits of Roger and the commanding presence that He has shown in world Lawn Tennis. I anticipated that He would have gotten the athlete of the year some time ago but it wasn’t to be because other individual sports has much more impact on the world stage than Lawn Tennis. Although, I am a Jamaican who believes in the dynamism of this stalwart I hope He will get the recognition which He so deserve in the near future before long. He is such a brilliant player He is the Diego Maradona of Tennis…He was blessed with such remarkable talents unprecedented in this our time and age. I wish Mr. Federer the best in His future endeavours. He is truly a giant amongst His fellow mankind…may he live a long and enjoyable life. May the good God of Heaven bless you continually…


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