#Messi And #Ronaldo Could Play #Qatar Final, Yet Top Tickets Will Be Cheaper Than #Federer’s Last Dance

Should Messi, Ronaldo, or both, reach the final, it will be an event like no other, as this is almost certainly their last World Cup and one that could define their legacies. That’s especially true for people who relentlessly debate the age-old, futile question regarding who is better. Similarly, there is a sense this could be the moment Neymar—yet to reach full throttle—comes alive and wins it for Brazil. Equally, Kylian Mbappé would become a bona fide France legend if he propels Les Bleus to consecutive titles two days before he turns 24.

The most expensive ticket to see Federer came in at roughly €17,500 ($18,500), which comfortably exceeds the highest sums forecast for the Qatar finale, which are just shy of the €7,000 ($7,400) mark, according to the U.K.-based sports ticketing hospitality company Vision4Sport.

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/henryflynn/2022/12/05/messi-and-ronaldo-could-play-qatar-final-yet-top-tickets-will-be-cheaper-than-federers-last-dance/?sh=7fc7c0097966

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